These ‘Swearing Candles’ Are My New Favorite Thing


Which means it’s almost time for all things cozy, like scarves and mittens and super heavy oven-cooked meals that are definitely terrible for you! And, of course, scented candles, the equivalent of knitted blankets for your nose. But if you still find yourself having trouble winding down in the winter months and getting comfortable, or if you’ve got extra pent up anger that a regular cinnamon spice candle just can’t ease, or even if you just feel way incredibly amped up about fall, then perhaps you need something a little more heavy duty.

The Etsy shop Snuggle Fuel sells handmade soy wax candles and it’s a super adorable name for some hilariously crude products.

They look like pretty standard candles, they come in glass jars with metal screw tops and are available in scents like pumpkin pie, Christmas trees, and lavender, but there’s a twist.

The labels are crass as all fuck.

The store’s tagline is “handmade soy wax candles with sass” and they are not kidding

Snuggle Fuel / Etsy

“Pumpkin Spice Is So Fucking Nice” $14.95

Snuggle Fuel / Etsy

“‘Tis The Fucking Season” $14.95

Snuggle Fuel / Etsy

“Have A Cozy Fucking Christmas” $14.95


And they don’t just specialize in seasonal candles, they have collections for every occasion and need, like “Self Fucking Care”, “Fucking Encouragement”, “For The Fucking Home”, “Fucking Celebrations”, and a whole lot more. So why not treat yourself to a great fucking candle?!

Published at Fri, 30 Aug 2019 23:02:56 +0000