Punching Bags Were Placed Around NYC And It’s Just… So Beautiful

We all get frustrated sometimes. Maybe you slept through your alarm and now you’re gonna be late for work, maybe you burned your mouth on the coffee which you also burned because your coffee maker sucks, maybe you stepped in dog shit on your way to the bus stop, maybe you thought about it for a minute and now you’re worried that it was way too big to be shit from a dog, maybe the car in front of you that’s trying to turn left won’t move even though there’s been like three breaks in traffic and honestly what is this guy even WAITING for like just— oh my god he could’ve gone just then, how did this guy even get his license, oh my go— NOW, go NOW, fucking GOOOOO—

You get my point.

And whether you work in an office, a grocery store, a bank, a taxidermy shop or wherever else, it can be really hard to find a way to let off steam. Most of us are forced to put a lid on it and hope all that anger fizzles out. But if it keeps boiling as the day goes on, that’s when bad things happen. Things like losing your cool when your dog picks the most obnoxious of his squeaky toys to chew. Don’t get mad at your dog! It’s not his fault you’re frustrated, plus you bought him that toy, man.

Instead of bottling your anger and exploding at the end of the day wouldn’t it be great if you could just, I dunno, PUNCH SOMETHING???

Well, one design studio definitely thought so.

During NY Design Week this year, donttakethisthewrongway did the people of Manhattan an incredible service and installed public punching bags throughout the city.


This was technically a public art work, and while there’s no denying that being able to beat the absolute hell out of something in the middle of a street without violating any laws and ending up on the 5 o’clock news cycle is definitely art, this is an idea that all cities everywhere should adopt permanently.

Imagine how great life would be! Stuck on hold with your phone provider? Punching bag. Accidentally read spoilers for the finale of your favorite show? Punching bag. Mom visiting for the weekend and already rearranging the furniture in your apartment because “it’s just better this way”? PUNCHING BAG. I feel more relaxed already.

Published at Wed, 29 May 2019 22:24:14 +0000