People Made Their Pets Tiny Museums, They’re So Cute I’m Gonna Flip My Desk Over

It feels like it’s been a few hundred years since the novel coronavirus pandemic first swept the country, placing basically everyone except for those heroic essential workers out there on lockdown in order to help flatten the curve. (For resources and information on how to help marginalized communities and essential workers, check out this article by Forbes and this article by CNN.)

Returning to regular life as we know it, in all likelihood, is still quite a way off. However just because we can’t all flock to places like museums or art galleries, doesn’t mean we can’t bring those places to us.

Kind of.

Jill Young lives in Texas, Filippo and Marianna live in London. Jill is the proud owner of a gecko, Filippo and Marianna own two gerbils. They don’t have a lot in common, except they were all inspired to use their quarantine time to bring some culture into the lives of their tiny roommates.

Yes. They each made tiny museums.

Filled with tiny paintings and tiny furniture.

I’d say “get ready” but you’ll never be ready. There’s nothing you could do, no amount of time would be enough to prepare for how insanely cute this is.

Jill posted her creation for her gecko, The Mayor, (that’s his actual name. The Mayor of my HEART, more like) to Twitter with the caption “GECKO MUSEUM! GECKO MUSEUM!” Which is the only way that makes sense to present such a thing, because, well—


G E C K O M U S E U M !


Similarly, across the pond, Filipo and Marianna created their own cute-as-all-fuck museum so their gerbils, named Pandoro and Tiramisù. (Shut the FRONT door. Those names are TOO CUTE I will CALL the POLICE.) And, because they are sophisticated beings much like The Mayor, they really took their time enjoying the art as well.

However, it looks like their favorite piece wasn’t really a piece at all. It was the gallery assistant’s stool sitting in the corner of the room. They clearly did not obey the “No Chewing” sign, but we’ll give them a pass since they can’t read.

Published at Mon, 20 Apr 2020 22:37:00 +0000