Nobody Remembered What Mueller Sounds Like So We All Just Guessed

By this point, everyone’s familiar with Robert Mueller. As the head of the Russia investigation, his name has been all over television, social media, late night talk shows, and he’s even been portrayed on SNL. Even though he’s been in the news and the topic of conversation fairly consistently, when it was announced that he was going to make a statement about the Russia probe it was a pretty big deal — because we haven’t actually heard from Mueller in, well, a long-ass time.

He’s been this important, frequently discussed figure for so long, working on an investigation that’s been kept very private, (and stayed private thanks to the insane report redactions by William Barr) that he’s kind of become the Great and Powerful Oz. Just without the green velvet suit.

We all know what Trump sounds like because it’s hard to get him to stop talking, I’m sure most of us even hear his voice in our head when we read his tweets, but DOES ANYONE EVEN REMEMBER WHAT MUELLER SOUNDS LIKE??

So before Mueller, the man behind the curtain, stepped out to make his statement — an event which I, for one, think deserved way more smoke and pyrotechnics à la Wizard of Oz —

people started wondering what Mueller would sound like, and it didn’t take long for the hypotheticals to become totally ridiculous and completely hilarious.

Published at Wed, 29 May 2019 19:21:00 +0000