Need To Entertain Your Kids? Behold, Stress Free Craft Time

These past few months, we’ve all had to face some pretty drastic adjustments to our lives. It doesn’t matter where in this country you are, there’s one thing that parents can definitely all agree on:

Keeping your kids busy is HARD.

Breaking news, I know.

Even though “kids are endless balls of energy and brain power that, if left unattended, could destroy us all” isn’t brand new information, the reality that we’re all living in right now was, unfortunately, not outlined in any parenting books. Not only are the kids at home all day, everyday, but you can’t exactly go waltzing into a store to pick up activities for them.

(Seriously, do not go waltzing into stores)

So, how are you going to entertain your kids while everyone’s staying home? Well, you could bust out the duct tape, permanent markers, maybe mommy’s eyelash glue, and see what kind of abstract pieces they come up with?

(Don’t do that)

OR! Or, you could shop online at Walmart for all things crafty and turn your home into a kid friendly creative wonderland.

Stay safe, stay sane, let Walmart bring craft time to you.

Published at Mon, 18 May 2020 19:25:09 +0000