I See Dead People (The Coop, Episode 7)

This episode of The Coop goes HARD.

Petra, Prince, and Mary housemates use an Ouija Board to summon Ryan to out his killer (and Petra uses it as an excuse to gab with Ryan about the afterlife). The non-so-virgin virgins Blake and Iwona use their Ryan-related sexapade stories to rekindle their romance.

The only person making any progress on solving Ryan’s murder is Derrick, who is in the bathroom pretending to wash his hands (ew!!). While being scolded by Sam Flowers for his poor hygiene choices, Derrick drops some truth bombs that will change everything you thought you kew about this murder mystery.

Will Derrick’s unwashed hands point us in the direction of Ryan’s killer!? Time will tell.

Episode 7 – I See Dead People

Published at Thu, 23 Apr 2020 21:39:46 +0000