Crush The Competition With Best-In- Show BBQ Sauce.

Every neighborhood has their own rivalries. Whether it’s the decorative shrubs, the most extravagant Christmas lights, or niche fruit trees, they exist in every town in America.

If the competitive streak among your neighbors is over barbeque sauce, then boy do we have the recipe for you!

Our Best-In-Show BBQ Sauce was created after an intense neighborhood cookoff competition last year went sour. One of our friends dressed up as a shrub and snuck into her neighbor’s house to steal his ribs after she had heard the whole town needlessly raving about them. She was determined to be the Sauce Boss!

She later won the cookoff, thank god, much to Gary’s dismay. Fortunately, she has decided to unveil this coveted recipe for you to enjoy and to aid in your future barbecuing endeavors. Be sure to use it wisely or she won’t hesitate to sneak into your yard and steal your cooked meats. And who knows what she’ll dress up as this time?

Published at Tue, 30 Jul 2019 00:33:06 +0000