Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Rap Song Is Too Pure For This World

Although it was his godlike physique that initially launched him into fame and made him one of the biggest (figuratively and literally, the guy’s a tank) action film stars in Hollywood, Arnold Schwarzenegger has had quite the diverse career. He branched out from playing Large Beefy Men in action movies and started playing Large Beefy Men in comedies and then eventually Still Large But Slightly Older And Grizzled Beefy Men in horror movies. He took people by surprise when he ran for governor of California — and won. Twice. (What?? A celebrity with no political background running for office?? Hahaha how insane is that, like you’d have to be totally fucking insane to vote for someone who has no qualifications) And he’s been a vocal climate change activist for about a decade. Most importantly though, he’s the Terminator.

Not a bad résumé.

But I guess acting, politics, activism, bodybuilding, and whatever else it is that mega-celebrities do (swimming in Scrooge McDuck vaults full of cash, probably) wasn’t enough for him, because he just dropped a rap song.

It’s called “Pump It Up — The Motivation Song” and it’s by Andreas Gabalier, an Austrian artist who wrote the song specifically for and about Arnold. So obviously he had to rap a verse.

Arnold Schwarzenegger rapped about believing in yourself and y’know what? Good for him.

There are like, a bajillion things that are awful going on right now and we’re all probably gonna die soon because we’re wrecking the planet so honestly, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s weird not-really-rap-more-like-spoken-word-but-it’s-fine verse about achieving your dreams is kind of what we all need right now.

Published at Thu, 30 May 2019 20:23:39 +0000