This Comedian Plays Every Cliché Movie Character And It Rules So Hard

Movies have been around for a long time, like we’re talking over 100 years here, and in that time a fair number of cliché characters have emerged and frankly, have been used to death. We’re all aware that these stock characters exist, like the Extremely Brooklyn Police Chief or the Super Immature Rom-Com Male Best Friend, but one man decided to take things a step further and point out just how predictable cookie cutter these characters are.

In a brilliant Twitter thread, stand-up comedian Chris Calogero compiled a series of hilarious and short videos where he portrays various side characters in all their cliché glory.

The police chief who’s had it with the FBI


The unwaveringly uplifting coach of a probably underdog sports team

Just so many exhausted life metaphors

The movie that’s probably starring Meryl Streep and is going to get nominated for every Oscar

Oh the D R A M A

The non-threatening best friend in every rom-com who’s hopeless but in an endearing way

Watch the master at work!

The scientist who has to deliver the news that the world is gonna end

The fierceness when they remove their glasses though. That’s how you KNOW shit is getting serious

Miscellaneous street guy who just saw a superhero

Why do they always heckle??

The “one last job and then we’re out for good” guy

Yeah he’s for sure not gonna make it till the end of the movie.

The guy who is definitely going to die first in the horror movie

I’ll tell you what’s really scary — WE’RE OUT OF BEER!

Published at Mon, 15 Apr 2019 22:38:33 +0000

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