The Final Avengers: Endgame Trailer Is HERE And So Is Captain Marvel

The latest Avengers: Endgame trailer is here and I’m gonna be real with you, things are looking just as bleak as they did in the first trailer back in December. In fact, I’d argue this one actually hurts more. The trailer opens with a montage of scenes from the heroes’ standalone movies, reminding us just how far everyone has come and how simple things were back then. Also the montage is in black and white because Marvel just really wants to hammer in how sad this is. Well nice job guys, I’m already tearing up.

Aside from the reminders that half the universe is dead, Tony Stark is still seemingly SOL floating around in space, and CAP’S BEARD IS STILL GONE (RIP), there are a couple of exciting developments.

This is a Hawkeye heavy trailer

Clint’s first appearance in this trailer shows him teaching a young girl archery, and this could mean one of two things, or possibly both:

1. This is the first we’re seeing of Kate Bishop – Clint’s daughter, who eventually becomes Hawkeye as a part of the Young Avengers
2. This one is way less fun. The heartwarming scene could be a glimpse into where Hawkeye was right before the snap… and probably means a lot of his family didn’t survive. OUCH, MARVEL.

And that kind of trauma would explain his haircut, which definitely screams “I am in the middle of a crisis” and is what people are talking about the most.

Between Cap shaving off his legendary beard and Hawkeye going full-blown teen angst, it’s safe to say they’re handling the aftermath of Thanos’ snap about as well as can be expected.

The next development teased at the very end of this trailer is, thankfully, WAY better news for the Avengers.


And she has the most badass moment in the trailer without uttering a WORD. Thor pulls his classic hammer-summoning move, and she doesn’t. even. flinch.

After passing Thor’s little test, he says how we all feel: I like this one.


We all knew this was coming, but GOD DAMN IT’S SO SATISFYING TO FINALLY SEE. And her addition to the Avengers team gives them a huge leg up against Thanos.

But there is ONE theory that Marvel has yet to address…


How are the Avengers going to defeat Thanos

  • 26%

    Carol Danvers is gonna WRECK. HIS. SHIT.

    (15 votes)

  • 57%

    The Ant-Man butt theory and honestly they should’ve done that in the first place

    (33 votes)

  • 15%

    The sheer power that Hawkeye’s new hairstyle emits will surely end him

    (9 votes)

57 votes total

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Published at Thu, 14 Mar 2019 19:56:15 +0000

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