The Dangers of Coffee Will Astonish You — If You Can Remember Them

Drinking coffee could be really good for you (OR NOT)

Confession time, y’all. Coffee remains one of the most popular beverages in the world. I KNOW SHOCKING, YOUR MIND = BLOWN. Everyone loves sipping a good cup of coffee in the morning. Or, if you’re asleep after that noon-time triple cheeseburger, slurping it down with a desperate need to MAKE. YOUR EYELIDS. OPEN. THE HECK UUUUUP.

Despite its popularity, coffee continues to befuddle scientists. No one can agree if it’s healthy or potentially the worst thing you could do to your body. It seems every day there’s a new discovery that coffee is either good for our health and helps you live a longer life, or a potential danger and cancer risk.

So we somehow go from benefits allll the way to cancer. Wait what.

Funny Or Die Dangers Of Coffee Charles Comedy


At this point we should just ask coffee directly, right?

That’s a great question. And yes, science did ask coffee directly to give us all of it’s beautiful dangerous secrets. And coffee had, uh, a message:

That’s it, coffee, we’re not talking the rest of the day

So clearly we need a sign, and that sign is here.

It’s from the future, so we can relax and finally can get to the bottom of this never-ending conundrum.

The thing about coffee that you have to REMEMBER IS…

… keep going ..

… almost there…

Here goes:

Funny Or Die Charles Comedy Dangers of Drinking Coffee



Present/Future Self: Chuck Armstrong

Exec Producer: David Saint
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